The Company

3-D Vision, Inc. was formed in 2000 as a New York C corporation by Gene Dolgoff and Mel Howard. The company was formed to conduct research and to develop, license, and market new products and technologies for the emerging 3-D TV/computer field. The company's goal is to provide practical technology and products to enable the world to use 3-D video easily and inexpensively in as many applications as possible on a widespread standardized basis. Based on a half-century of experience in television, optics, computers, and 3-D imaging, the company has developed proprietary new 3-D video, TV, and computer technologies and products. 3-D Vision's unique products offer the potential to dramatically speed up the adoption and use of 3-D video for television and computer applications. The company is actively seeking new customers and licensees for its growing list of patented and patent pending applications.

The Company Principals

Gene Dolgoff, Chairman, CEO, CTO

Gene Dolgoff has over 50 years of extensive experience as an innovator and entrepreneur in electronics, optics, holography, lenticular, stereoscopic, and other forms of 3-D imaging, and displays, with over 65 granted patents worldwide and 40 patents pending.

Accomplishments include:
  • Made his first lenticular 3-D image in 1960, 3-D TV in 1963 (which was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum), and his first 3-D movie in 1967.
  • One of the world's first holographers (1964), he taught a course in optics, lasers, and holography at the City College of the City University of New York for 3 years, authoring the text and curriculum used.
  • Invented holographic transfer printing in 1970 (used to print the holograms found today on credit cards)
  • Worked with top researchers and scientists, including Nobel laureate (and inventor of holography) Dr. Dennis Gabor and Dr.Emmett Leith (the "father of holography"), Ed Land, founder of Polaroid and inventor of the polarizer, and Mort and Alvin Marks, makers of early 3-D movies and previous largest manufacturer of polarized 3-D glasses
  • Partnered with Dr. Raymond Damadian (1980), the founder of Fonar Corporation and the inventor of MRI, to develop holographic MRI imaging. Mr. Dolgoff also developed holographic X-rays, CAT scans, and ultrasound images.
  • Developed the world's first digital video projector and the world's first single-panel digital LCD video projector in 1984, receiving broad world-wide patents on digital video projection technologies, including optical depixelization, optical brightness enhancement, and thin-profile video projection systems, some of which have been licensed to Matsushita (Panasonic), Samsung, Radio Shack, MGM Electronics, and others.
  • Founded and served as CEO, President, and Chief Scientist of Projectavision, Inc. in 1988, the first digital projector company, which he took public on NASDAQ in 1990 (Market Cap $200 M), starting the multi-billion dollar digital projection and HDTV industries
  • Won a $1 million contract from the Pentagon's DARPA agency (beating 86 other companies) to study and demonstrate the application of his digital projection technologies to HDTV, making him the first to suggest that the US HDTV system standard should be digital rather than analog
  • Selected to be on the American Electronics Association (AEA) High-Definition TV Task Force and the National Association of Photographic Manufacturers (NAPM) Standards Subcommittee, IT7-3, where he was instrumental in defining the current world ANSI brightness, contrast, and resolution standards for fixed resolution electronic projectors.
  • At his current company, Mr. Dolgoff and his team developed new 3-D video display systems with and without glasses, including a system for automatic conversion of 2D video into 3-D in real time, a method to transmit full HD resolution 3-D imagery over a single channel, methods to convert existing TVs to 3D, an accurate 3-D camera system, and glasses that provide full-color 3-D on any TV or other display. The 2D to 3D conversion technology has been successfully market tested with thousands of consumers in movie theaters, and has been approved for use by many Hollywood studios. His 3-D conversion system and full-color 3-D glasses have been successfully employed in the world's first nationwide full-color 3-D broadcast to all TVs with nearly 2.5 million viewers (Rachael Ray's 3-D Halloween Bash). He and his team also developed the only ISO-compliant 3-D/motion lenticular payment card, signing an exclusive world-wide joint marketing agreement with Visa International.

At the City College of the City University of New York, he majored in Physics, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering, and minored in Neuro-physiological Psychology. Mr. Dolgoff is currently writing a book on how the human brain works.

Mel Howard, President

Mel Howard has always had a keen interest in things 3-D. He and Gene Dolgoff became partners in the beginning of 2000. Mr. Howard has been a producer of Broadway shows with extensive experience producing and marketing media and theatrical events worldwide. He has produced over 150 theater and musical shows in the US and throughout the world, including seven shows on Broadway, and arena tours for stars such as Placido Domingo, Rudolf Nureyev and Shirley Maclaine. Two of his Broadway productions, BLACK AND BLUE and TANGO ARGENTINO together received 13 Tony nominations and won 3. His Broadway production of Tango Pasion, which he created in 1992, is still touring the world, and is now in its 18th successful year. His Paris production of CATS won the coveted Prix Moliere for Best Musical of the year in France. Mr. Howard has also produced several international Festivals, including THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ENTERTAINMENT at the Felt Forum of Madison Square Garden, THE AFRO-ASIAN FESTIVAL at BAM and at the Kennedy Center, and THE INTERNATIONAL SERIES at City Center. In a career spanning over 50 years, Mr. Howard has alternated between directing and producing. He produced CDs, Videos, and TV shows of many of his productions including TANGO ARGENTINO, TANGO PASION, and BLACK AND BLUE (directed by Robert Altman for PBS). He also produced TV programs for CBS's CAMERA THREE. As an author, Mel Howard wrote four non-fiction books, which were published by New American Library, and translated his production of the award winning French play NAIVES HIRONDELLES for Grove Press. Mr. Howard started his career as an American in Paris where he created and ran the literary cabaret LA CONTRESCARPE for eight years. At the same time he produced and directed award winning avant-garde plays in Paris, both in French and in English. For the Millennium in Paris, Mel successfully introduced 3-D digital animation into a live dance production (TANGO PASION), which integrated live and virtual dancers for the first time ever, partnering magically in a pas-de-quatre on stage. In 2008 he produced the international hit dance show RASTA THOMAS' ROCK THE BALLET, which combines classically trained dancers, Pop music, and digitally animated simulated 3-D scenery. His current projects include integrating 3-D Vision's glasses-free 3-D projection technology into live theater events.

Chris Cerqueira, Researcher and 3-D Computer Graphics Technician

Chris Cerqueira attended the New York Institute of Technology and Graduated in 2001, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Computer Graphics. He started working with Gene Dolgoff to assist in the development of new 3-D technologies for the Company at its inception in 2000. He co-developed various processes used in lenticular printing with the CEO. Mr. Cerqueira has designed artwork and supervised the production of major advertising campaigns for the Company. In addition, he has modified software and hardware configurations as needed. He worked extensively on lenticular materials and processing research and development over the past 10 years, assisting with development of the Company's products. Mr. Cerqueira worked long hours with the company's CEO and Sato Narain to produce the company's first nationwide 3-D TV broadcast, Rachael Ray's Halloween Bash during October 2010, which was the world's first nationwide 3-D broadcast in full color to all TVs.

Sato Narain, Researcher and 3-D Computer Graphics Technician

Sato Narain has extensive technical knowledge of a variety of software applications along with hardware troubleshooting skills. He attended Hofstra University from 1995 to 1999, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics. Upon completion of his degree he started working for the Company in February of 2000. During his employment he has co-developed various processes used in lenticular 3-D printing. Mr. Narain is in charge of work-flow from beginning to end, as well as lenticular printing. Over the past 10 years he has been instrumental in the modification and implementation of the Company's 3-D software and hardware configurations as needed. Mr. Narain worked long hours with the company's CEO and Chris Cerqueira to produce the company's first nationwide 3-D TV broadcast, Rachael Ray's Halloween Bash during October 2010, which was the world's first nationwide 3-D broadcast in full color to all TVs.

Tim Anderson, Vice President, Business Development
E-mail: Tim@3-DVision.com

Tim has 25 years of sales experience, primarily in the lenticular printing industry. Familiar with all aspects of three-dimensional photography, interlacing, pre-press, production, estimating and sales, he began his lenticular sales career in 1983 by joining family owned VariVue, the world's first lenticular company, started by his uncle Victor Anderson, the pioneer inventor of practical lenticular printing (also where Gene Dolgoff began his lenticular career in 1963). From 2000 to 2007 he worked at Big 3D, Inc. and Virtual Images, Inc. (owned by Travel Tags/Taylor Corp), two of the largest and most successful lenticular printing companies in the world. At these firms he held various positions of escalating responsibility including estimating, project management, sales and marketing, and business development. He was instrumental in the production and sales of award-winning projects which won accolades and awards including 2000 Chicago POP Show - Best of Show Award, 2003 Gold OMAAA Award, Gold Outstanding Merchandising Achievement 2003 POPAI awards for "Billion Dollar Sweepstakes campaign", 2005 Outstanding Sales Achievement Award, and 2007 National Postal Forum Awards Best in Class - Creative Business Solutions. He has been responsible for millions of dollars in lenticular print sales to a host of top-level customers including American Greetings, Footlocker, Ford Motor Company, Disney, Alabama Power, United States Postal Service, Pepsi, and Nabisco

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