1. Auto 3D™             TECH (click for technology details)

Fast Low Cost Conversion of 2-D video to natural-looking 3-D, with continuous depth

In any format FullColor 3D™, Side-by-Side, Page Flipping, Interlaced, Over-Under, Parallel Viewing, Cross-Eyed Viewing, ColorCode™, Red-Cyan Anaglyph, Trioscopic™, Magenta-Green, Lenticular/Barrier Interlaced

Viewable on any display including 3-D ready TVs and projectors (using active shutter glasses or passive polarized glasses), or 2-D TVs and other displays (with FullColor 3D™ glasses)

2. FullColor 3D™      TECH (click for technology details)

New inexpensive 3-D glasses that provide full color 3-D (after encoding by us) of any 3-D video (whether converted to 3-D using Auto 3D™ or any other conversion process; or made stereoscopically) on ANY TV, computer monitor, video picture frame, video game display, or mobile display (including ipod, iphone, iPad, Blackberry, Droid), as well as on ANY printed images (encoded by us) from inkjet printers, magazines, newspapers, packaging, flyers, brochures, or mailers

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